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Hose Basket Raffle Prize

I love making raffle prizes and get great inspiration from Pinterest.  I have done quite a few different versions of this hose basket now and love every one of them.

IMG_1694It is very simple to do and I recommend unravelling the hose first otherwise it can twist and be difficult to work with. Make the base first by starting with one end of the hose making a tight ring using cable ties.



Start working the hose out each layer once you have your base size. Use the rest of the hose to make the handle.  I use 3 loops of the hose, again just cable tying it all together.  There is normally spare hose which can be rolled up in the bottom of the basket. This then make a great filler so all you stuff you next put in doesn’t disappear.

download (5)



20180303_133508This is my favorite one. Easter special with chocolate eggs and Peter Rabbit.



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