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Chocolate Bar Cake

I need a prize for my Quiz Night! The prize had to be cheap and be able to be split for 10 people. I saw a Chocolate Bar Cake on Pinterest, and thought great! who doesn’t like chocolate.


First I taped a plastic tub and a tin together to make the top layers.  I put these on an old cake board I found.


I then made the bottom layer from lots of toilet roll centres.  This made it strong but light.


I taped it all together with really strong duck tape.



I then covered the lot in silver foil, so it would still looked nice, even if the chocolates didn’t cover it all.


I tied a piece of elastic on each layer and added the chocolate bars. Then decorated with ribbon and glittery pipe cleaners.


It was a great success and everyone like it.  I asked the winners if I could take the frame back to reuse it.  They said it was OK but the lady who had arranged their table asked if she could take it home first to show her kids :)  I reused it two weeks later for another charity quiz for a customer of mine. Thats the one below.


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