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Beautiful Glass Plates

You’ve heard of the ‘old cat lady’, well I have turned into the ‘old glass dish lady’.  I just can’t help myself! Every time I go Op shopping, I make a b-line for the homewares section and there is always some beautiful old fashion glass dish just asking me to buy it.

This one I paid $3 for! I don’t need it but I think, for $3, why not!




I use to be such a Second hand shop snob! When I walk into an op/charity shop I felt like I need a sign around my neck say ‘I am going to a fancy dress party, that’s why I am in here’. Then I did have a fancy dress party myself, the theme was ‘The Great Gatsby’. I needed loads of martin glasses for all the ladies and I also wanted to do a lolly/sweetie/candy buffet and for that need some fancy bowls. So that’s how my little obsession started.





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