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Gluten Free Christmas White Trash



Gluten Free Christmas White Trash

I love Christmas White Trash and make it every year for my customers, unfortunately it’s full of gluten and now I can’t have gluten, I decided to try and make a gluten-free one. It turned out quite good, but next time I think I will use less of the Maple Crunch and more nuts and rice puffs as it was a bit too sweet for my taste.





50g of Puffed Rice


30g of Maple Crunch


200g of Lindt Excellence Extra silky white chocolate (which according to my app ‘Food Switch’ is likely Gluten free)


100g of mixed nuts (I like sliced almonds, whole raw peanuts and pumpkin seeds)


Red and green food colouring





Melt Chocolate in a bowl over boiling water. Mix the puffed rice, maple crunch and nuts together, then pour about 2/3rd of the melted white chocolate over the mixture and stir in well.  Tip into a dish and pat down, but don’t over press it into the bowl. Then pour the rest of the melted chocolate over the mixture. Sprinkle red and green food colour evenly over the mixture and try not mix the colours otherwise they just look like black spots, which is not very appealing. Put in the fridge until the chocolate sets then break it up with a knife into bit size pieces.


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