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Secret Santa Game

I brought 20 presents. 4 worth $25, 4 @$20, 4@15, 4@10, 4@$5.  Wrapped them all in the same paper and put in a large bucket.


Some presents look like the cheap gifts, but I have concealed money in them: example I brought two boxes of cotton buds from Aldi worth about $5, then I put $20 in an small envelope and folded it up as small as I could and taped it in-between the two boxes, so it will just look like two boxes of cotton buds. Another example below. Jelly snakes in a jar with $10 in an envelope, rolled up inside.


I made sure every present was useful like a packet of pens as everyone needs pens. If there is two gifts in one present tape them together, so the person opening it might think there is money in it.


So the game start by everyone draws a number.  Number 1 picks a present and opens it, so everyone can see, but number 1 can be cunning,  if they think that I might be hiding money in that present, so they might not want un-wrap it fully and just say something like, ‘it’s only a couple of boxes of cotton buds’. Number 2 then can steal number 1’s present or open a new one, then number 3 can steal number 1 or 2’s present or open a new one. If you have a present stolen, you have to take a new present, otherwise you will end up with less than everyone else. Keep going until all presents are gone.  You can only steal on your turn or open a new one  A present can only be stolen twice, so if you really want something, you might be wise to steal it on your last go, or if it’s been stolen once already you can steal it again because that is the second steal and then you know nobody can steal it back.

I have brought all of the presents, so of course, I know what’s in them, that means on my turn I can still steal, but if I want to open a present, someone else has to pick it for me.


I was really didn’t want to waste money on silly present that would be not used or needed, so that was the difficult bit.  Here is my list, just to give you some ideas.


$20 -$25

Cotton Buds with $20

Velcro dartboard drinking game

Magic sand

Multi tool

$15 – $20

Glasses camera


Fit Band

A big jar of M&M’s with $10

$10 – $15

Ball game

A jar of jelly snakes with $10

Car freshener and a box of tissues

A box of maltsters

$5 – $10

A jar of Vaseline and some plasters

Tweezers and a nail brush

Magic game


Under $5

Head massager

A Stubby

A packet of pens

Post it notes

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