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Christmas Table Decorations

I needed 3 table decorations for my Christmas in July Party.  The table is long with 8 people each side, so I wanted to balance the length out with a bit of height.  I have a lovely tall vase, but it’s about 15cm wide, which causes problems when you fill it with something like tinsel or coloured water because people who sit diagonally opposite each other, have to look around it to talk.  So I needed something tall and see through.  I was in an op shop having a look around, when I came up with the idea of stacking some cocktail glasses on top of each other.  I had done something similar with my high tea plates, using sherry glasses in between glass plates which were very successful, so I thought I would give it a go.  After doing the rounds of my favourite op shops, I picked up a variety of glasses in sets of 3 plus 3 glass tea plates.



I started with the plate and the bottom glass.  The first glass was not actually a drinking glass, it was a tea light holder, but it was a bit chunkier than a normal glass which made it a good base.  I used clear silica from Bunnings and to pretty it up a bit I added some glitter. To get an even spread I twisted the glass round and around on top of the plate until I was happy that the glitter looked even.



Next I added the middle glass. Although this sat in the bottom glass quite well it didn’t go all the way to the bottom, so I had to put a large amount of silica in first and lots of glitter.



The top glass was the most difficult as it sat on the rim of the middle glass.  I was careful that I placed an even amount of silica on with no lumps. To cover the silica up a bit more I added a single row of fine tinsel on the rim before I put the two glasses together.


On each stage I made sure they were straight by using a spirit level.


I was so please with them; I have just got to find a safe place to store them, lol, not easy!!


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