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Kitchen Splashback

I fell in love with these beautiful tiles for the kitchen splashback.  It was a bit extravagant for just a rental, but my argument was, that it made a plain kitchen look very special. Also a selling point to my reluctant husband was that they are very big, so would be easy to put up.  This was very true, they went up like a dream, but when I finish and stood back, one was a slightly different colour from the rest and had a strange mark running through it. Lucky I saw it straight away and ripped it off the wall before it had gone off.  I rushed off to the tile shop and they could see immediately the colour difference and gave me a new one.  I was in a bit of a panic because I had butted the tiles up, leaving absolutely no grout in between, so I was praying the new tile would just fit right back in and luckily it did.


You can clearly see in the first photo the odd tile.




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