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Trouble with the steps

We came up with a bit of a problem with the 3 steps from the main room leading up to the bedrooms and bathrooms. When we brought the house, the steps were carpeted and posed no slip threat but we wanted to tile that area, which then caused the problem because our tiles are high gloss and very slippy.  Lee started tiling them and straight away we could see this might be a risk if our new tenants had small children or were elderly.  We didn’t want to carpet it, as we felt it was a bit old fashion, so Lee came up with the idea of making the steps wooded to match the ceiling and the wooden support beam.  I love the new look steps now and feel a lot happier we will not end up with a law suit on our hands.


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  1. October 26, 2014    

    Wow. Looks stunning Jane. I love the big shiney tiles as they make the house look really light and airy. We are having them too. Looks nearly finished now. Lucky tennants. They will have a beautiful home,

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