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Bathroom and en suite ripped out

Knocking the tiles off the walls of the bathroom and en suite went quite well, other than a few hits to my poor hands via a very heavy hammer. Next job was trying to get the residue of tile adhesive off, which didn’t go quite so well. Each blob of glue seem to take ages to scrap of the walls because it had a rubber like texture which you just could get under.

DSCN0610DSCN0611This is the en suite




Now all the tiles are off, we could see that the builder had not put any waterproofing in the shower areas.  I am not sure they had to back then, but now all house have to have a professional waterproofer to do the job, so you can get your house signed off by the council.  We don’t need to have the house approved again, so we can water proof ourselves.

There is wet rot in the hallway cupboard and one of the bedrooms because the en suite shower must have had a leak which ran behind the tiles and across the floor, which goes to show that water proofing is a must.



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  1. August 17, 2014    

    Looks like a lot of hard work – well done.

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