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Upholstered Chair Project

I brought this chair on eBay for $30.00; well actually I brought two, because when I went to pick this up the guy selling it had another one, which was a bit bigger. I couldn’t decide which one I wanted, so I brought them both. Another project, for another room, lol.PicMonkey Collage


This is a typical mass produced chair, with a leather look covering, which is all sewn and not done in the traditional upholstered manner.  Not having a lot of upholstery experience, I was not sure if I was capable of changing the look to give it a traditional style.  I stripped it down to the foam and under that was a cheap chipboard and hardboard frame, not good at all, not even a decent wood frame to work with. Anyway I cracked on with it and I am fairly happy with the outcome:)

chair 004 (2)


chair 009 (2)Stripped of it’s cover to reveal a nightmare frame under that very thin foam.

chair 018 (2)Adding some extra wadding, to give it more of a plush feel.

chair 020 (2)Using piping covers a multitude of sins.

chair 021 (2)

chair 023 (2)I love the sewing part, it’s really taking shape now.

chair 024 (2)

chair 026 (2)


chair 028 (2)

chair 037 (2)Wola:)





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