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Beaded shoes

2013-10-13 17.57.03

Being really girly I love bling, beads and pearls. I saw on Pinterest how to make boring old flip flops into special little shoes with just ribbon and beads.  So I brought some flat shoes for only $3 because the straps were broken on them. I was lucky enough to buy a silver pair and a black pair. I repaired the back with some thick elastic, and then wrapped ribbon coming up from the toe going across to the side straps.  I had to go back and forth with the ribbon quite a few times, so it formed a nice triangle shape.  Then I went mad with the beads. Next time I make a pair I will use an upholstery thread as I used ordinary cotton and I found that once I started wearing them, the crystals would cut through the cotton. So to solve that I had to place a small piece of glue under each crystal to stop them moving when I walked. It was a bit of a pain to do, so definitely stronger cotton and maybe knot each crystal off, so it doesn’t take a whole row out if it does cut through.

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  1. August 6, 2014    

    Clever girl.

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