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Master Bedroom

We recently started renovation our home room by room.  The house is 8 years old now and already looking a bit tired. To be honest, when we built we had a really tight budget, so things were quiet basic and now we are sprucing up we have a bit more liberty over money.

I love my new look bedroom.  Lee was a bit worried because I wanted to paint all the walls chocolate brown. I knew it would work because we have such large windows and a high ceiling in that room, so the chocolate is not overpowering.  DSC00162

I upholstered the chairs and found a beautiful metal side table on eBay, which I sprayed cream and had a round piece of glass made up for the top.DSC00170

I am really happy how my picture turn out as well, I do love painting but sometimes I hate the finished look and paint over it. This one I got inspiration from a line drawing I saw on the internet, which I copied, then I did my flamey thing (I do a lot of ) on the outline of the couple dancing.DSC00167

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  1. August 6, 2014    

    Really love the finished bedroom. Can’t wait to see the rest of the rooms.

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