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It was a great day when we filled that pool, the boys where so excited.  After living without a pool over the summer months, it was all a big rush to get it done because we had friends visiting from the UK and everything had to be just right.  Like the house, the pool had a few things, that in hindsight we would have changed.  I paid the pebble create guy an extra $250 to add more blue pebbles to achieve a slightly deeper blue, but when it was filled, it look exactly the same as the pool in our rental.  We were so pushed for time as our friends where arriving 3 days later, I just let it go, but really I should have got my money back.  Also when the coping stones around the edge were laid I noticed that some were darker than others.  The paver guy didn’t care and just carried on laying them.  I had to kick up a right fuss with their boss and the paving company to get them to pull them up again and lay the new ones that were delivered the next day.  This resulted in a rough finish underneath the coping stones which we didn’t see until the pool was filled and we were in it! So once again due to timing we just had to let that one go as well. In hindsight I should have checked all the coping stones and the paver to make sure they all matched and I should have insisted that I was shown the colour the pool was going to be with the extra blue in instead to believing that they put the extra blue in.


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